Legal Department Strategic Partners Sponsorship Program

The Walmart Legal Department Strategic Partners Sponsorship Program further demonstrates Walmart’s commitment to giving back to the communities that we serve.

Through the award of strategic partnership grants, Walmart Legal seeks to increase diversity and inclusion in the legal profession through pipeline programs and attorney development programs that target populations underserved by the legal profession. 

Consideration will be given to organizations that focus on programs and objectives that will result in meaningful impact toward diversifying the legal profession and supporting inclusion in the practice of law.

The grant application process aligns with the process used by the Walmart Foundation in awarding grants to charitable organizations. 

Interested organizations should complete the application and describe the grant’s purpose, planned outcomes, and grant funding requirements.  We welcome applications from any and all organizations that strive to build a more diverse and inclusive legal profession through good works.

If you applied in summer 2015 for funding for FY17, you will be notified of the disposition of your application by February 1, 2016.

Thank you for your interest in the Legal Department Strategic Partners Sponsorship Program.  The application period is from July 15 – August 31 annually.  Please check back during that time should you wish to submit an application.

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