National Giving Program

The underlying focus in all of our work is on empowering low-income people to help them live better. Our National Giving Program allows us to work strategically with organizations working across one or more states to address social issues strongly aligned with our focus areas.

We often provide funds to organizations that have local affiliates around the country, and the majority of grants from this program include re-grants to implement programs in local communities.

We make a big impact by partnering with organizations that operate on a national scale in communities throughout the country. Our grantee partners such as Feeding America, City YearGrowing Power, the American Heart AssociationDress for Success and many others touch thousands of lives every day through national programs that help people in the largest cities and the smallest towns live better.

Before applying, please note:

  • The National Giving Program awards grants of $250,000 and above.
  • Submit program ideas using the Letter of Inquiry (LOI) format only. Unsolicited proposals or promotional materials are not accepted.
  • Walmart and the Walmart Foundation reserve the right to adjust guidelines, submission deadlines and notification dates without prior notice.
  • Nonprofit organizations must operate on a national scale through chapters/affiliates in many states around the country or through programs that operate regionally/locally and are seeking funding to replicate successful program activities.

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