Legal Department Strategic Partners Sponsorship Program

From teen town hall workshops to large scale bar association conferences, Walmart Legal seeks to increase diversity and inclusion in the legal profession through programs that align with the Legal Department’s key pillars of focus: Strategic Programs and Events; Development and Retention of Diverse Attorneys; and Advancement of a Diverse Pipeline.

1. Strategic Programs and Events: Walmart Legal coordinates with community partners to find creative solutions to promote inclusivity and celebrate culture in the legal profession through special projects and programs. Within this pillar, Walmart Legal has supported:

  • The publication of two books that share the stories and advice of lawyers with physical and mental disabilities
  • A Young Lawyers' Division think tank for creative pipeline program concepts
  • Teen town hall meetings for inner-city high school students, with presentations by lawyers from the community to talk about mentorship, civil rights and civil liberties, and issues unique to their local community
  • Academic research, analysis, and reports on diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and the experiences of diverse attorneys

2. Development and Retention of Diverse Attorneys: The profession is only as good as its talent. Walmart Legal embraces initiatives that focus on development of attorneys' skills and competencies, and encourage diverse attorneys to stay actively engaged in the legal community. Within this pillar, Walmart Legal has supported:

  • Opportunities for attorneys from minority and women owned firms to offer Continuing Legal Education to other attorneys
  • Affinity bar association professional development conferences and meetings
  • Leadership training specialized for minority groups who are under-represented in the legal profession

3. Advancement of a Diverse Pipeline: Walmart Legal is committed to planting the seeds for future generations of legal professionals. K-12, college and law school outreach and recruitment is the key to expose young talent to what it means to be a lawyer and to the desirability of a career in law. Within this pillar, Walmart Legal has supported:

  • Scholarships for law students and college students interested in legal careers
  • Pre-law programs for high school and college students
  • Internship programs and professional development training for law students

Interested organizations should complete the application and describe the grant’s purpose, planned outcomes, and grant funding requirements. We welcome applications from any and all organizations that strive to build a more diverse and inclusive legal profession through good works.

Consideration will be given to organizations that focus on programs and objectives that will result in meaningful impact toward diversifying the legal profession and supporting inclusion in the practice of law.

The application period for 2019 sponsorships will begin in August, 2018. Applicants will be notified of 2019 funding decisions in February, 2019.

For inquiries, please contact us at


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